Wayne brings a life-long love of gardening and container design to the job. His greatest joy is helping our customers make the right choices from our extensive variety of shrubs, perennials, and annuals. He admits to a particular passion for ornamental grasses and bamboo. After he retired from teaching he trained as a floral designer to better serve our customers.

Deb Rowcliffe

I have always had a creative flair and have enjoyed working with flowers. After retiring from the corporate world I returned to school to study floral design. I worked for three years at a large  greenhouse/nursery/floral shop in Toronto. My husband and I have recently moved to Windsor from Toronto. The affordable housing market and lifestyle appealed to us. In the midst of renovating a row house in Walkerville I discovered Martha's. I started to work at Martha's Greenhouse in October 2011.
It was the first Christmas season in the new location on Wyandotte St. and boy were we busy.
It was great! Working at Martha's is a very fun, creative experience. Something new and
different every day. Everyone is part of a team and we all work together to bring the customer
the best products and services for their home and garden. Teamwork means that any idea is considered so we can offer innovative designs and solutions that you don't see anywhere else. Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds so we all add a different skill or interest to the mix. Hard work, sure but it is great fun!

June Brown

Working at Martha"s is  always interesting,we start at the greenhouse mid February filling pots and planting all the different annuals, perennials and succulents The greenhouses fill up quickly and even though outside is dreary and cold inside looks, feels and smells like spring  March we start getting the retail store ready for business which opens mid March and then you really know it's Spring when Martha.s landscaping truck pulls up at your house to start working on your gardens The Spring and early summer .are always busy maintaining all three parts of the business.things slow down late summer early fall and then winter comes and Christmas at the retail store starts  another busy time with all the greens for decorating houses and businesses for the holidays I guess my expertise is the love of gardening and at Maratha's the opportunities and knowledge are endless.

Julie Lane

I am just starting my fourth season at Martha's Greenhouse.  Even though I began my working life in banking and then retail sales I had always wanted to work with plants.  I took a six course Plant Identification Certificate program at Mohawk college and even now find it easier to come up with the latin name for a plant than the common one!  I worked at an amazing family-owned garden centre in Hamilton for 8 years and, when my husband retired and we moved to Windsor, I wanted to find a new place to indulge my passion for plants and gardening.  Martha's fit the bill to a T!   In the spring I work in the greenhouse transplanting and taking care of all our plant babies.  Once the work there is complete I move over to the store and enjoy helping the customers choose from all the lovely plants and garden items that we carry.  And finally, at Christmas, there's the fun of creating festive outdoor arrangements.  It's great to work at something you love and to work for someone who appreciates you for your knowledge and enthusiasm. 

Mercedes Lopez 

For the sixth season now I have been working at martha's greenhouse. I'm happy to have found Martha's, and also very thankful that she has given me the opportunity to work with her. Martha has given her time to teach me everything I needed to know about how to do a good job and make me a successful employe. The last five years for me have been the best times I had ever had. I can't  wait for it to start again! I enjoy my job and for me it gets better every time.  I have the pleasure of working with great coworkers that feel more like special friends. The best part is having Martha as the boss. I like to say that we are one big family, that loves our job and that we look forward to it every day. 

Mary Ellen Piwowarski

Loyal, honest & dedicated team player of Martha's Greenhouse for 9 Seasons. (since april 2005) WOW & still having FUN !!!! Something different every Day!!! - Love working with fun co-workers with all the same interests; FLOWERS!!!! - With all different expertise!!! I'm always learning Something NEW!!! - I'm Proud to be a member of the Martha's Greenhouse Team!!!!

Walter Piwowarski

Dedicated employee of 8 years- 2005 to 2013 - Martha's Retail and Greenhouse operations. I bring 30 years of excellent retail experience from my previous profession. Proud to be a team player with my associates at Martha's. Provide excellent customer service in the everyday operations at Martha's. Provide leadership and clear communication skills with my co-workers and customers. Take pride in performing my tasks at Martha's and for my customers. I specialize in the production of decorative hanging flower baskets and their maintenance for various customers (BIA , City of Windsor). My work ethic is excellent and I am a positive example to all team associates. Last and not least, I am proud to be associated with Martha's Retail and Greenhouse operations and the company's ideals of customer satisfaction and work excellence.